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18,99 EUR*
Details Augustine and the Jews: A Christian Defense of Jews and Judaism

Augustine and the Jews Now in paperback with a new postscript, this updated edition of Paula Fredriksen's critically acclaimed "Augustine and the Jews" traces the social and intellectual forces that led to the development of Christian anti-Judaism and ...

14,99 EUR*
Details The Last Jews in Berlin

The Last Jews in Berlin As poignant a chronicle as Anne Frank's diary, "The Last Jews in Berlin" tells the real-life story of a handful of Jews who boldly, defiantly, and luckily survived. Full description

25,77 EUR*
Details Great Jews in Entertainment

No Great Jews in Entertainment Read a customer review or write one .

64,49 EUR*
Details The Arab Jews: A Postcolonial Reading of Nationalism, Religion, and Ethnicity (Cultural Sitings (Hardcover))

The Arab Jews This book is about the social history of the Arab Jews--Jews living in Arab countries--against the backdrop of Zionist nationalism. Full description

75,99 EUR*
Details Rethinking Poles and Jews: Troubled Past, Brighter Future

Rethinking Poles and Jews Rethinking Poles and Jews focuses on the role of Holocaust-related material in perpetuating anti-Polish images and describes organizational efforts to combat them. Without minimizing contemporary Polish anti-Semitism, it also ...

22,49 EUR*
Details A History of the Jews in Christian Spain

History of the Jews in Christian Spain from the 14th Century: Volume 2 An exploration of the Spanish-Jewish community. It covers such major historical events as the Spanish Inquisition and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain. It also examines the ...

70,86 EUR*
Details Jews and Heretics in Catholic Poland: A Beleaguered Church in the Post-Reformation Era

Jews and Heretics in Catholic Poland Portrayal of Jews as victims of Church persecution but also as participants in Polish society. Full description

11,46 EUR*
Details Never to Forget: The Jews of the Holocaust

Never to Forget: the Jews of the Holocaust By the time World War II was over, the dead included six million Jews--killed specifically because they were Jewish. This collection of first-person accounts of the Holocaust serves as a timeless reminder of ...

46,99 EUR*
Details Jews of the Pacific Coast: Reinventing Community on America's Edge (Samuel and Althea Stroum Book (Hardcover))

Jews of the Pacific Coast From the California Gold Rush of 1849 to the explosion of population centres in the Southwest in the 1980s, Jews have played a significant role in shaping the Pacific West. This title presents the history of the Jews of this ...

52,63 EUR*
Details Jews and Samaritans: The Origins and History of Their Early Relations

Jews and Samaritans Engaged with previous scholarship and bringing to bear new material and literary evidence, this book offers a new understanding of the history, identity, and relationship of early Samaritans and Jews. Full description

33,94 EUR*
Details Caledonian Jews: A Study of Seven Small Communities in Scotland

Caledonian Jews This is the first full history of the Jews in Scotland who lived outside Edinburgh and Glasgow. The work focuses on seven communities from the borders to the highlands: Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Greenock, and ...

15,21 EUR*
Details Reincarnation Beliefs of the Jews, Essenes and Early Christians

No Reincarnation Beliefs of the Jews, Essenes and Early Christians Read a customer review or write one .

43,64 EUR*
Details Vienna and the Jews 1867-1938: A Cultural History

Vienna and the Jews, 1867-1938 The author studies the role played by Jews in the explosion of cultural innovation in Vienna at the turn of the century, which had its roots in the years following the Ausgleich of 1867 and its demise in the sweeping ...

25,57 EUR*
Details Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights

Fight against Fear In the uneasily shared history of Jews and blacks in America, the struggle for civil rights in the South may be the least understood episode. "Fight against Fear" is the first book to focus on Jews and African Americans in that ...